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Globstar Exhibitions CSR policy

Globstar Exhibitions is dedicated to using its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to positively benefit both society and the environment. We believe that by acting morally, we can lessen our influence on the environment, enhance the working environment, and build closer relationships.

We understand that sustainability necessitates collaboration.  We have created a Code of Conduct outlining our adherence to CSR principles in order to direct our operations. This code illustrates how we at Globstar Exhibitions incorporate our beliefs into all we do and acts as a guide for moral decision-making.

CSR policy

Through our CSR initiatives, we aim to:

  • Encourage an accountable and responsible culture inside our company.
  • Encourage the preservation of the ecosystem and reduce our ecological impact.
  • Assist your neighbourhood and make a social welfare contribution.
  • Assure just and moral behaviour in every facet of our company’s activities.
  • We want to be a reliable and accountable partner in the exhibition sector by upholding our CSR policy.

Our team members are our most precious asset at Globstar Exhibitions, and we place a high value on their happiness and well-being.

team members
  1. Open Communication: We think that a happy and productive workplace depends on open and honest communication. To help those who might be afraid to express their ideas, we also provide a range of platforms, like anonymous surveys and suggestion boxes, so they can do so without feeling awkward.
  2. Supportive Work Environment: Our goal is to establish a secure, encouraging work atmosphere where each individual feels appreciated and respected. We provide tools and support to enable each team member to succeed since we recognize that they have different requirements and challenges.
  3. Workplace Equality: We at Globstar Exhibitions think it’s critical to advance diversity and equality in the workplace. In order to stop harassment and discrimination and guarantee that every team member is treated fairly and with respect, we have put policies and procedures in place. In order to build a culture of acceptance and tolerance and to increase knowledge of diversity and inclusion, we also offer training and educational opportunities.
  1. Employee Well-being: We understand that the well-being of our team members is crucial for their overall happiness and productivity. That’s why we offer a range of wellness programs and benefits to support their physical, mental, and emotional health. From comprehensive healthcare coverage and fitness incentives to mental health resources and stress management workshops, we are committed to providing our team members with the tools and support they need to thrive both inside and outside of the workplace.
  2. Career Development: We believe in investing in the growth and development of our team members. We offer opportunities for professional development, training programs, and mentorship opportunities to help our team members reach their full potential. Whether it’s through skill-building workshops, leadership training, or educational assistance programs, we are dedicated to helping our team members succeed in their careers and achieve their goals.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are concerned about the environment at our organization. We support prudent resource use and environmentally conscious decision-making. We adhere to sustainable methods in all that we do because of this via our exhibition stand builders.

1. Minimizing, Reusing, and Reusing

We all like to give things a second chance at life. After every event, we recycle and repurpose the items rather than discarding them. This includes things like walls, flooring, and other elements of our stalls. We lessen waste production and environmental damage by doing this.

2. Energy-Saving Procedures:

We’re constantly trying to find ways to reduce our energy use. We prioritize the use of energy-efficient techniques in all aspects of our business, including production methods and daily operations. This lessens our need on non-renewable resources and lowers our carbon footprint.

3. Re-usable Modular Exhibition Stands:

Reusable Modular Exhibition Stands are what we offer to our clients. Because of their adaptability and versatility, these booths are simple to reorganize for various occasions. Our clients may lessen their environmental effect and help create a more sustainable future by using modular booths.


Our decisions and work philosophy are based on the following principles:


Designing exhibition spaces that are both functional and aesthetic is crucial to successfully promoting a brand. The GlobStar design and architecture team focuses their efforts on this goal, inspired by our client’s needs.


Our Design team excels in creating innovative designs that highlight the client’s message while paying careful attention to every detail of the project as a whole. This ensures a successful experience from the moment the show opens.


A group of highly dedicated individuals committed to providing the best results and acknowledgments worldwide. Our company’s most valuable asset is our incredible team who are devoted to giving the best experience to our clients. 

Maintaining a High Standard of Work Environment

We are highly concerned about each and every member of our staff in addition to the environment!

At Globstar Exhibitions, discussions and exchanges regarding office life, working conditions, and other related topics are welcomed and supported at all levels through polls, regular meetings, and other means. Our workplace is secure, and we’re always searching for methods to make it better for everyone. One of these instances is the enhanced flexibility we just offered for remote work!


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