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Custom Exhibition Stands

We are Custom Exhibition Stands Builder and hence we design and build custom exhibition stands, but with a significant difference. As a custom exhibition stands design company in India, We tend to specialize in bespoke exhibition stand design and construction. These are customized wooden booths tailor-made to meet your specific business needs.

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What is Custom Exhibition Stand ?

To explain it simply, Customised exhibition stands are completely bespoke, meaning they are designed and built from the ground up just for your organisation.

When we customize your exhibition stand, this means your stand will reflect your branding and clearly showcase your offering. And because custom displays are different from all the other stands with custom shapes and graphics, your stand will have a unique feel and will get noticed.

Where we come in…

A bespoke show stand is the perfect way to promote your products and services, attract customers and increase footfall at your event. By customising a stand to meet your needs, you can create an immersive experience that engages with viewers and promotes your brand.

Custom shows are one of the most powerful ways to market your products and services, but making them from scratch takes time and money. With a completely custom stand from our team of experts, you’ll have the confidence that your display will be perfect for your business.

A customised stand is a one-of-a-kind product built specifically to suit the needs of your organisation. We take the time to understand your unique business and brand image, then build a stand that reflects it efficiently and effectively.

They’re custom-built so they can tell your story in easily digestible chunks and will look good wherever you want them placed – whether it’s at trade shows, shopping centers or even exhibitions. Therefore, we are one of the reputed Custom stand contractor companies in India.

Benefits of Customized Exhibition Stands

Customized displays give your business a stand out look that can be used as an effective marketing tool. They allow you to really set yourself apart from your competitors and promote a unique branding message. Customisation is a key part of the exhibition stand experience. When you build with custom stands, you control exactly what dimensions your stand will be and what features it has - it's up to you! With our expert team at Global Exhibition, we make your stand unique and personalised, just for you.


When we design your stand, it is bespoke and unique, but it’s also reusable, in different exhibiting space, at different trade shows. This combination of custom design and reusability is at the centre of our service.


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